What does VR studio offer to you?


VR Studio uses modern technology to give our brain stimuluses which are about to make you sure you are into real world. If you don’t have any experiences with VR Studio and it still seems to be a science fiction for you, visit http://4experience.co and make your own judgment. What can you expect from VR Studio? Well, first of all you can be sure to be in touch in up to late technology. All you have to do is just to wear VR glasses provided and enjoy your time.


VR Studio offers much more than just that. Tremendous cars made in scale 1 to 1 are there for making your participation in Nascar rally even more real. What’s more you can arm an electric gun which is an exact copy of models used by US marines. It is a great option for every player who wants to be put into new environment and disguise a new personality. Want to be a super spy and have an adventure that wouldn’t be forgotten for a long time? Not a problem.



VR Studios use any measures to make an entertainment as funny as possible including crystalic and surrounding sound effects. Players have never be so delighted. Now in VR Studio they can be in touch in modern technology and socialize as well. Such objects are situated in the city center so after spending hours on playing they could have few beers with friends at pub nearby.