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A Star Wars-type celestial body developing something like Earth?

Mặt trăng Mimas của sao Thổ

Scientists were extremely surprised to discover Mimas, a cold celestial body orbiting Saturn, containing almost opposite characteristics.

According to Sci-New, Mimas is a small moon of Saturn, The radius is only 198.3 km and is described as similar “Death Star” mentioned in the film Star Wars (Star Wars).

But after being seen for many years as a barren land filled with impact craters, the new data returned by NASA’s Cassini Saturn probe during the Mimas observation is confusing: It seems that this small satellite must have an underground ocean, which is growing larger and larger..

Mimas, Saturn's moon
Mimas, Saturn’s moon

Mimas, Saturn’s moon – (Photo: NASA).

This appears to contradict other evidence that tectonic activity on Mimas is very sparse, with no past or present volcanic activity necessary to maintain an ocean beneath the ice crust.

In the new study, Dr Alyssa Rhoden from the Southwest Research Institute (US) said strange data was collected by Cassini during the final days of the mission, before carrying out its final suicide mission, TB, on Saturn to better understand its dense atmosphere.

The results show that if Mimas had an ocean, it would represent a small ocean layer hidden under an ice crust at least 55 km thick.

Previously, people thought it was almost impossible to have an ocean because of something called “Hershel Impact” a strong celestial impact in the past and left a large impact crater.

The traces left by this impact help to complete the piece: Mimas’ ice shell has thinned considerably since Hershel’s formation, which may explain the moon’s crack-free surface.

The thinning is due to the increase in temperature of the celestial body, which is also the process that causes it to create an underground ocean and the ocean is expanding more and more.

Researchers are still verifying other data because there are still incongruities in the speculated properties of this strange moon, but if it is indeed an emerging ocean world, ants. Its knowledge will be extremely significant for studying the formation, evolution and habitability of all of Saturn’s other medium and large moons.

This is all the more remarkable since Saturn is said to contain the “moon of life”, In which Enceladus and Titan receive special attention from space agencies.

If it has an ocean and is habitable, the possibility of finding extraterrestrial life could also occur with the moons of other planets, for example Uranus.

The first results have just been published in a scientific journal Geophysical Research Letters.

Article source: NLD

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Scientists were extremely surprised to discover Mimas, a cold celestial body orbiting Saturn, containing almost opposite characteristics.

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