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Every year in mid-December, astronomy enthusiasts have the opportunity to admire the magnificent Geminid meteor shower, also known as the meteor festival in the sky. The Geminids promise to be a brilliant meteor shower with countless beautiful and bright meteors, warming the early winter sky.

In 2020, the Geminid meteor shower will peak on the night of December 13 and early morning of December 14.

Basic information about the Geminids meteor shower

– Activities: from December 4 to December 17 each year

– Maximum: December 13-14, with a maximum frequency of 120 sequences/hour

– Origin: Asteroid 3200 Phaethon

– Location of observation: Both hemispheres

The December meteor shower

The Geminids meteor shower is considered one of the most beautiful meteor showers of the year, with the number of visible meteors reaching up to 120 meteors at its peak, which occurs on December 13 and 14 each year , In Vietnam. midnight.

The meteor shower is named after the Gemini constellation because the meteors come from this constellation in the sky.

Origin of the Geminid meteor shower

Unlike most other meteor showers, the Geminids are not remnants of comets but of the asteroid 3200 Phaethon. This asteroid takes 1.4 years to orbit the Sun.

Geminid meteor shower by Luocheng

Instructions for viewing the Geminids meteor shower

You don’t need any special tools or skills to observe a meteor shower. The conditions for observing meteor showers are generally clear skies, a little patience, a sufficiently dark space, and the use of additional sky observing software. However, below are some tips to help you maximize your meteor shower viewing experience.

– Find a secluded place, far from city lights. When you arrive at your destination, give your eyes 15 to 20 minutes to adjust to the darkness.

– Dress for the weather and make sure you are comfortable, especially if you plan to go. Bring a blanket and a recliner: Watching a meteor shower can be a test of patience.

– Once you find the viewing location, lie down and look in the direction of the meteor shower. Using meteor shower software or a map will help you easily find the right direction in the sky.

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