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NASA satellites help measure CO2 emissions of 100 countries

Vệ tinh Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2.

According to NASA, Earth observation satellite data is particularly useful for tracking fluctuations in CO2 levels as land cover (such as trees, water, asphalt…) changes.

Carbon Observatory orbiting Vệ tinh-2.
Carbon Observatory orbiting Vệ tinh-2.

Vệ tinh OrƄiting-2 Carbon Observatory.

An Earth observation satellite from the US Space Agency (NASA) has helped researchers monitor CO2 emissions from more than 100 countries around the world.

This is the result of recently published research by a group of scientists from many countries.

The study was carried out by more than 60 scientists, using the measurement results of see Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 under the aegis of NASA, as well as a network of Earth surface observations, to quantify increases and decreases in atmospheric CO2 concentrations from 2015 to 2020.

The study offers a new perspective on tracking fossil fuel emissions and the total amount of carbon “stored” in ecosystems such as trees, bushes and soil.

According to NASA, this data is particularly useful for tracking fluctuations in CO2 levels as the Earth’s surface (such as trees, water, asphalt, etc.) changes.

The above finding proves that tools used in space can help people better understand Earth in the context of countries trying to achieve their goals to combat climate change.

Karen St., director of NASA’s Earth Sciences Division. Germain emphasized that NASA is focused on providing Earth science to solve global climate challenges, such as helping governments around the world evaluate the effectiveness of efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Article source: VNA/Vietnam+

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According to NASA, Earth observation satellites are very useful for monitoring fluctuations in the amount of CO 2 when the Earth’s surface is covered (such as trees, water, asphalt…). ..

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