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Rolls-Royce builds a nuclear reactor on the Moon

Roll Royce nghiên cứu xây dựng lò phản ứng hạt nhân trên Mặt trăng

Rolls-Royce is implementing the Micro-Reactor program – developing a nuclear reactor on the Moon – to provide energy to the people who live and work here.

According to CNBC, British Space Agency (UKSA) will provide approximately $3.5 million in funding for this project.

“All space missions depend on energy sources to support communications systems, life support and scientific experiments”UKSA said.

Roll Royce studies building a nuclear reactor on the Moon
Roll Royce studies building a nuclear reactor on the Moon

Rolls-Royce worked with many universities and organizations to implement a program to build a nuclear reactor on the Moon – (Photo: NASA).

Rolls-Royce Holdings plc will collaborate with numerous organizations on the project, including the University of Oxford, Bangor University, the University of Brighton, the Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (AMRC) at the University of Sheffield and the nuclear AMRC.

Mr Paul Bate, CEO of UKSA, highlighted: “Rolls-Royce’s research lays the foundation for a continued human presence on the Moon. While strengthening the UK space sector as a whole, creating jobs and generating more investment.”.

According to the UKSA, Rolls-Royce aims “There is a nuclear reactor ready to be sent to the Moon by 2029.”

Ms Dhara Patel, a space expert at the National Space Agency in Leicester, England, told CNBC: “Solar energy would be ideal for generating energy on Earth with a rotation of 1 day, but not on the Moon. Because a rotation on the Moon lasts 2 weeks.”

On the other hand, with little air and no liquid water on the surface, other renewable energy sources are not possible.

At the same time, nuclear power can create a continuous source of energy regardless of the physical environment and conditions on the surface of the Moon.

However, Ms Patel also noted: “Nuclear fuel will be used to generate heat, so careful thought will need to be given to how to create an electromagnetic process and manage radioactive waste effectively.”

The news from the UK comes at a time when NASA is ramping up its Artemis program, focusing on creating “a sustained presence on the Moon in preparation for missions to Mars.”

Article source: Tuoi Tre

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Rolls-Royce implements the Micro-Reactor plan – to build and develop a nuclear reactor on the Moon – to provide energy to humans…

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