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Tracking comets with Stellarium software

Tracking comets with Stellarium software

Stellarium Astronomy software that simulates the famous sky is known and used by many people. There is a cool feature of it that not many people know about is comet tracking, so you’ll have some useful information to help you identify bright comets in the sky. So why not try to find out right away…

  • Note: To use this function, your computer must be connected to the Internet and you must use the new version of this software.

1. Download Stellarium software to your computer and install it.

-Download the Stellarium software for free at

The images in this article are from version 0.20.2 -1.

2. Hover over the left side of the screen and click Setup window (Keyframe or press F2).

Then select the map pluginslook in the left column for the item Solar System Editor then press Configure.

3. A new panel opens, select the item Solar systemthen press Import orbital elements in MPC format…

4. Continue until a new board opens, in turn select cometsAlready Download a list of objects from the Internet.

Click the down arrow in Select a source from the list select List of observable MPC comets. Finally press Obtain orbital items.

5. The data will be downloaded in seconds, then a new table will appear with a list of comets you can track, you can find the name of the comet you want to track or Track All (Mark) All), after you select , press Add an object complete.

6. When you are done, turn off all menus and go to the search section to find the comet you are interested in. The software will display information about the location, distance, brightness, coordinates of comets, etc., which helps a lot for research. This information is updated from the site

Earthgrazer – Hanoi Amateur Astronomy Society (HAS)

The image in the article is taken from Stellarium software



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