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Two other “life worlds” appear directly inside the solar system?

Chúng đang thêm các hạt plasma vào hệ thống sao Thiên Vương.

Around a planet so distant it can’t be seen with the naked eye, two “life worlds” accidentally… projected something directly onto the NASA spacecraft that might suggest an ocean like Earth.

According to the sheet Space, This exciting data was overlooked for nearly four decades, as efforts by scientists around the world to analyze the “treasure” of Voyager 2 – one of NASA’s most distant spacecraft, began to come into focus. interstellar space.

This is what data is for Uranus, planet ranked 7th in the solar system. Among the moons that orbit around it, there are two interesting worlds: Ariel and Mirandanamed after a character in a Shakespeare play rather than Greco-Roman gods like the moons of other planets.

They add plasma particles to the Uranus system.
They add plasma particles to the Uranus system.

Radiological and magnetic data from NASA in 1986 showed that they were adding plasma particles to the Uranus system.

The mechanism by which they achieve this is unknown, but there is a mechanism that astronomers believe is very “Talenting”: They may have subterranean oceans under icy surfaces like Jupiter’s Europa or Saturn’s Enceladus – the most famous are “moon life” of the solar system.

The way they release plumes of sprayed material from the ocean is very similar to what Europa and Enceladus did.

“It is not surprising that measurements of energetic particles are a precursor to the exploration of ocean worlds” – said lead author Ian Cohen from the John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL – Maryland, USA).

Thus, Dr. Cohen’s research team “take” add 2 ocean world potential, which NASA welcomes in its long series of activities in search of worlds capable of preserving life.

This highlights the value of a potential future mission: sending a dedicated spacecraft to reach Uranus and its mysterious moons – the number reaching 27.

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Around a planet so far away that it cannot be seen with the naked eye, two “life worlds” accidentally… sprayed something directly into the NASA spacecraft that had…

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